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Please have a look and don't hesitate to let me know if you think that I can help you to reach your audience in Spanish.

Looking for a Spanish translator?

I love translation. That’s my business.

  • In the translation and localization industry since 2001.
  • Specialized in the translation of marketing and technical texts from several industries such as IT and web applications, healthcare and medical devices, software localization, glass industry, engineering, robotics, human resources, e-commerce, e-learning… and more!
  • Great experience with websites, marketing material, manuals and user guides, software strings, booklets, newsletters, educational courses, announcement and press releases, articles, white sheets, spec-sheets…
  • Translation technology expert who loves to take the best out of the linguistic assets to help you improve leveraging and final translation quality with the help of linguistic engineering tools.

In a nutshell

I am passionate about my work

When I was a child, I dreamt of distant places far from here, where I could explore new lands and cultures. Innocently, I also believed that I had a mission to help others. When I grew up, I travelled around and I learnt languages. A bit later, I arrived at technology. To my surprise, I realized that I was right in the place where words and tags mix together to let humans share their knowledge… And I loved it. That day, I knew I was a translator of this century.


Sergio Calvo Páez
Translator, Reviser, Proofreader, Terminologist, Linguist, Lecturer… What else!

Why to choose me?

It’s a matter of attitude. When I work (well, not only), I put all my energy and enthusiasm in every project with the aim to provide high quality translation services. This is probably the main reason why clients trust on me.

If brief, twice as good

  • 14 years working experience in the translation and localization industry. Except for the repair of the coffee machine, I’ve done a bit of everything.
  • More than 500 multilingual translation projects managed as localization project manager.
  • More than 2.5 million words translated or reviewed, mainly marketing and technical texts.
  • Expertise on corporate terminology management solutions for major databases harmonization and performance improvement.
  • Specialist on language quality strategy to increase translation quality results and improve translation workflow efficacy.

What they say

Sergio is one of the most creative people I’ve ever worked with. Out of the box thinker that will put his energy into any project he participates in.
German Sambito, BPM at Moravia IT


Have a look at a more detailed list…

More than just translation services

Translation is my main work activity, but there are some other ways to help you reach your audience in Spanish. Please see a list of the main professional services that you can find at Veriloquium.

Four reasons to work with me



The key to succeed

If you aim at getting a high-quality translation, special attention must be paid to different linguistic aspects such as grammar, orthography, terminology, register, intention, style, target readership and cultural considerations.



Making your translation workflow easier

Language quality is normally higher in a smooth translation workflow, but how to achieve it? It does not only depend on the linguistic side. There are many other non-linguistic aspects to bear in mind. But do not worry. Leave it to me. I’ll make sure to reduce your translation efforts.



Helping you to communicate

Language is more than a complex set of rules. Your voice and texts were meant to communicate. What you want to communicate depends on you. I will mainly focus on being accurate and sticking to your message.

Startup Wizard


Something more than translating

Language is constantly changing, evolving and adapting to the needs of its users. The ability to understand and meet those needs is one of the keys to succeed. Your message needs to adapt to your audience. I can help you to adjust your translation to those changing needs.

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